October 2017

October 2017

Subject: October Newsletter–Big announcements to help you sell better

Sellr Partners,

Company Update
As we talk to more and more beverage brands, store owners, and our reseller partners we constantly discover the need to make changes in how we present Sellr–some slight and some major. Making these changes requires a lot of flexibility within our Sales Partnerships. As Sellr is maturing, we are constantly reviewing our SaaS pricing model and discussing how to best apply new features and enhancements without confusing the Customers and you our Partners.

After many different approaches we’ve discovered the beverage store owners are very reluctant to spend money for the required hardware for our Sellr Platform. Because of this, the decision to offer free tablets was born. Our management team then categorized and broke down our Sellr Platform into three products which are
1) In-Store Marketing
2) On-Line Marketing
3) Marketing Services.

This provides three “Bundles” for you to sell within each product: 1) Free, 2) Basic 3) Pro. You will find these described in details on our new price list in the portal.

We are confident these changes will open a lot of doors for you as everyone loves something free, right? We’ve uploaded the new pricing model with details so please download and review it as soon as possible. If you have questions give us a call or an email.

Sellr is paying our Partners $100 for each 10” tablet you install. After the install, you have the opportunity to upsell the client to our Basic or Pro plans for your recurring revenue and additional hardware sales. Here is one way to present Sellr to your clients:

I’m representing Sellr who is quickly becoming the best product marketing platform in the adult beverage marketplace. Sellr has the industry’s best beverage library with 135,000+ SKU’s. Each item has high quality images, tasting notes, food pairings, and more to help you grow your customer base. They are offering to give you three 10” tablets and install them for free! No gimmicks!

The tablets let your staff and customers scan any UPC in your store to display its tasting notes, product image, food pairings, and related cocktail recipes. When not being used, the tablets run beer, wine, and spirit ads along with ads for your own featured products that Sellr automatically creates. Customers can email or text product info and recipes to their smartphones.

Try the free version and if you like it we can upgrade you to an unlimited plan for a very economical monthly subscription.

Happy selling…we’re here to help! Schedule client presentations via the calendar link located under Dale’s picture on your Sellr Partners login page.


OND in the Beer, Wine & Spirit World
We have reached the infamous time of the retail world which is known to them as OND…any guesses?
OND Explained: If you guessed October, November, December then you’re right! Retailers are gearing up for their busiest time of the year. All the holiday parties and gatherings mean more beverage business! Now is the time to strike with Sellr! Even if the Retailer simply installs our free 10” tablets, they’ll be absolutely amazed with the way their customer’s engagement and satisfaction increases. Reduce staffing cost, assist, and guide customers. Learn how promoted product displays drive more sales during these high traffic months with Sellr!

New Customer Video Testimonials:
Our Marketing team made a road trip to our customers, Good Times Wine, Spirits, and Brews, and shot some amazing footage. Be sure to watch and share these videos with any prospective customers as they will absolutely help you start a conversation! We’ve loaded them into the portal under Marketing / Videos.

Sellr Blog
Remember to visit the Sellr blog on a regular basis. We discuss marketing strategies that you can share with your customers and leads. We are focusing on optimizing online and in-store sales to maximize OND and make new customers for the new year.

New Client Presentation
We have updated the Presentation for you to use with prospective clients. Please take the time to rehearse your presentation using the highlighted keywords. You should be able to go through all the slides in 15 minutes or less!

New Price List
As everyone should know we have updated the MSRP Price List to reflect our recent changes. We’ve tried to make it much easier to understand and to explain to your customers. We’re offering 3 levels (Free, Basic and Pro) across our 3 Platform Tiers (In-Store, Online and Services).
In-Store: Covers Digital and Interactive Displays
Online: Covers Website and, Social Media
Services: Dedicated and personal Marketing assistance from in-house experts.

Digital Signage Hardware Update
We are increasing the power and availability of our digital signage feature by giving the power to the resellers. Beginning in November, resellers can bring their own devices to Sellr Digital Signage. This means a wider array of hardware and device monitoring options. Resellers can provide the digital signage option for a flat rate and are free to provide their clients with as many screens as they’d like. For more information, please visit http://partners.getsellr.com/partner-portal/support/adl/

Lessons Learned–Selling Sellr to Beverage Store Retailers:
Best time to call is Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday before 3:00pm
Emails sometimes work but are not always opened.
A lot of beverage store owners / managers are tech-phobic.
Remember that “Time is Money” and that Sellr will save them time in marketing their featured and special products.
These guys get pitched a lot so getting their attention is not an easy task.

Success Stories:
One of our top reseller partners recently had a major opportunity with a group of liquor store owners. He was able to secure a meeting with the group and scheduled it through our quick and easy online calendar.

On the day of the presentation he arrived at their office and the first thing he did was to show the customer testimonials from Good Times and Mac’s. That a great idea! Dale and I then proceeded with the Powerpoint presentation and Sellr Demo and their team was blown away!

We have given you all these same resources! Get an audience and we can almost guarantee you can close the deal. And yes our partner closed the deal above on 8 stores this year and is looking at a potential contract for several hundred stores throughout 2018.

Thank you and happy selling!


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